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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On The Road Again!!!

I leave for Florida in two days!!!!

I'm soooooo not ready, packing wise, but I soooooo need this vacation to sit by the pool and veg in the sun, play with my kids, visit with my parents ... have happy hour every day with all my hysterical aunts!!! (Minus one. She's in Vegas. Miss you Aunt Kathy)

Two of my boys were sick this week, but finally feeling better. But with my luck my oldest son and daughter will end up with it while we're on the road. Yes, we drive. I know, we're nuts. Two days down and two days back with 4 kids!!!

Can you say lots of movies and video game burnout???

But, hey, whatever works, right? And we have a Suburban, so it's not too loud. We've been making this trip once a year, sometimes twice, since my second son was 4 months old, and he's almost 10 now. Ever have to shake a rattle for three hours just to keep a baby happy? Not a pretty picture, folks. My husband's hip could be cramping and back could be killing him, but he will pretend he's happy as can be, just so he doesn't have to deal with the kids. He'd much rather drive the entire way. Now the boys are used to traveling, but my daughter is still a pain in the butt travelor. She won't watch the movie, she doesn't know how to play the video game, she rarely plays with her toys......she just wants to talk, and talk, and talk, guessed!!!!!!

But it's all worth it when we get there. My parents live in a great community with a golf course, pool, clubhouse, shuffleboard, horseshoes, batchieball, basketball. And they have their own golfcart so the kids love to ride around in that. We always have a blast.

So that's where I'll be if anyone wonders why I'm absent. Although I might just have to check email and blog while I'm there, if I can sneak away;)))

On another agent just got back from New York. She had meetings with a ton of publishers and pitched both my books. They are excited about both, but especially my second one. We're sending them both out next week after I get back. I'm soooo excited. Her agency is so creative, I love it all their ideas. I'm sure it will be a while before I hear, but I'll keep you all posted as soon as I do.

Now on to Florida for some family time and to brainstorm my next book;))))

Karitown out!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the trip we used to take when we lived in NC and would drive up to Toronto to visit family. I looked forward to it all year but it was a lot of work with the kids in tow.

Have fun!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Sounds wonderful, Kari! Travel safe! And I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that you hear that great news from your agent soon. This is so exciting!

Christine Keach said...

Have an AWESOME trip, a safe trip and I hope you come back to some great news. Good luck!

TTQ said...

Welcome to Sunny Florida! When you think your drive is bad start trying to find the other cars headed to Florida with more kids, and less comfortable cars!

What part of Florida are you headed to?

Trish Ryan said...

Going on vacation while your agent sells your book(s) - Amen to that!

We used to drive to all our vacations when I was a kid, too. I still prefer it to flying. Have an amazing, wonderful time :)

Jen-t said...

Um, yeah, so not feeling sorry for you! Love you, but not feeling sorry for you!

Karitown said...

I'm going to Ocala. And I'll check in on all your blogs while I'm there.

TTQ said...

Cold front coming through this week, gets nippy up there in Gainesville/Ocala! We actually open a window the other night and I'm like 2 to 3 hours south of there!

Swishy said...

So jealous! Have a great time!

And fingers super crossed on the book!

Manic Mom said...

Hey, never had to shake a rattle for 3 hours, but did change a poopy diaper of a four-month-old on top of a cooler in the back of the minivan while hubby was driving 70 when we drove straight through to Fla when we lived in Philly.


We leave tomorrow to come out near you. Safe travels girlfriend!

Let's hope you got a two-book-high-five-figure-deal when you return---hell, make it a six-figure!

I just sent Kelly my full!!

xo happy turkey

Bina said...

Came by via trish. Florida? You are so lucky and I am so jealous! Yes, I have traveled with toddler. I drove my California to Georgie with an 18 month old and a 3 year old and thought I would go insane. Four days of driving 14 hours a day, hotel rooms, stopping at McDonalds to let the kids play in the playground to get out some energy. 18 month old developed the big D and diaper rash followed. Dang, how did I do, alone?

Anonymous said...

Florida? You poor thing!!! what a hardship you have to deal with!

Have a great time and I can't wait to read your book!!