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Monday, April 02, 2007

We Made It Home Alive

Well, we made it home alive and without having to call our agent's husband, who happens to be a lawyer;))) The next several posts will be of the NEC conference, because we had soooo much fun and want to share.

Picture this: Jen's minivan with window paint that said the Ozmobile and Fly Girls painted on the window. Then all of us with red bandannas, singing and laughing as we rocked down the highway. We saw people at the conference who said, "Oh my God, that was you? I thought you were going to a rock concert or were a group of cheerleaders."

Cost of materials, not too shabby.
Effect we had on people, priceless;)

Barbie Jo surprised Jen by putting a picture of the oz man himself on her navigational system so we could all listen to Oz tell her where to go. Snicker.

Jen painted the van with window paint.

I surprised the ladies with black socks with red lips on them and red bandannas with the perfect design for each person. Jen (red bandanna with white skulls on it for the sharpienator) Danielle (red bandanna with pink tie die for the hip and cool love child)

A blurry me who looked like freaking Johhn Depp in the pirate movie (red bandanna with "normal" pattern cuz I'm the only normal one of the bunch. Yeah right;))

Barbie Jo (red bandanna with white polkadots for the sweet YA writer she is, who also surprised us all with our own sharpies of different colors. Jen's was red, of course;)

and our good friend Regina (red bandanna with paw prints all over it since we have kids, and she has dogs)

Yeah, we had a good time as always. Now we're all in a coma!

Stay tuned, more to come when I'm out of my coma;).


Manic Mom said...

OK, came over here first thing to get a recap! You guys musta had a blast! Details! More details!

March to the Sea said...

looks like you had fun getting there..can't imagine what happened!! I didn't read about you in the police report so that is either good or bad news..

Danielle Bronson said...

WoooHooo i sl[pet twelve hours last night and now I am awake enough to realize how badly I misss my bitches! Thanks for the pics fellow Fly girl!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Details to come, right after I become coherent. I slept a long time too, Cakes, but I still feel out of it.

Check out Danielle's blog for more details. And the fly girls blog has a few more. I'm sure Jen and Barbie will post details too. Between all of us, you will get the wholse scoop, I promise;)

Jennifer Talty said...

I guess pay back for pj pictures will never end. That is one horrible picture of me. But we did have fun. And I do love my bandana - wearing it right now to cover the bad hair because I didn't straigten it. Sheesh, I forget how curly my hair really is.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

How is that possibly a bad picture of you, Jen? You can't even see your face. It's a side shot and you're looking down. Jeesh.

We did have fun, though. I have to fight my kids for my bandanna. They keep taking it on me.

Anonymous said... look like Elaine from Seinfeld.

Beth said...

you guys are a bunch of nuts! But I love the bandanas! details please!