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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Past Life Reading!

Okay, so I went to my chapter meeting recently, and the speaker was a woman who does readings and can tell who you were in a past life. I don't like knowing about my future because I don't want to know if anything bad is going to happen to me. But to know who I was in the past is very cool, especially when trying to relate it to how I am today.

Anyway, here's how it went. She held my hand and stared at my face for several minutes, then she closed her eyes and took several deep breaths, then smiled big and said, "There you are, I see you now. Oh, and you're so cute. And smart, wow, are you smart. And bored. Holy cow are you bored with your life."

Turns out I was a young attractive smart woman born in France or England somewhere back in the 1800's, and I'm like "My soul landed where? You've got to be kidding me." This is when marriages were arranged and women were not expected to do or be anything important. Only I'm very smart and I have this huge longing for adventure and to do something with my life. My mother was very rigid and expected me to follow the rules, where my dad was secretly like, "You go, girl!" Because his marriage to my mother was also arranged and there was no love there.

So along comes this man. He's older but I marry him anyway because I know he can give me what I want. And he does. We travel and end up in South America where I get to use my smarts and help children in the jungle. I'm in heaven, but my husband is angry. He is upset that he gave me everything and yet I can't get beyond the fact that he's not drop dead gorgeous, so I don't love him. He becomes snappy and short with me and others think he's the one who's cruel, where really the creulty is that I am holding back my love.

He ends up dying and I have this huge sense of regret that I didn't give more of myself to him. So in this life, it is my mission to right that wrong. To love fully and have a long lasting relationship, but still maintain my sense of adventure.

So I took a look at my life today and holy cow, she was right. I met my husband when I was 18, married him when I was 21 and 4 kids and 18 years of marriage later, we're still together ... even better, still happy! And, hello, talk about adventure. I've been para sailing in Acapulco, scuba diving in the ocean and helicoptor riding over a volcano in Hawaii, kayacking in the ocean in Alaska. And I've always wanted to sky dive and bungee jump someday. Is that not cool or what?

Other people had some really awesome readings too. My critique partner Barb found out she was a former black man from Africa. She was from a really good tribe and was spoiled, but she wanted more. So she got on the boat, thinking she was headed for an even better life, when she ended up in slavery. As soon as she got on the boat, she realized she made a mistake. She ended up hating the water and boats, and from then on she longed for her childhood because that was when she was happiest.

Well, to this day, Barb has a huge fear of water and boats. She never knew why, she just knew she had this almost unrational fear of it and never learned to swim until she was 34, and only then because she had children and they all wanted a pool. And she admits she was spoiled as a child and still is;)) She kept trying different genres when writing, but it wasn't until she started writing YA that she found her niche. She loves the Disney channel and those type movies and TV shows, and even her tagline says "Release your inner Teen." Isn't that amazing?

I know, I know, some of you probably think I'm nuts, but I've always had an open mind and love this kind of stuff.

So who were YOU in a past life?????


March to the Sea said...

glad to see your posting again.

Past Lives eh? There is a song from a band called Too Much Joy that is called "My Past Lives" that is pretty funny.

Shannon said...

Wow Kari!! That is very cool! I can definitely see you traipsing through the jungle - that would be quite the adventure. My mother just came back from South America. She went on a missions trip to help school some of the children down there. The pictures were amazing.
So that's a great reminder to enjoy life to its fullest huh? Which sounds like your doing! Congrats Kari!

Holly Greenfield said...

You are Barb are so unique! :-) It's weird how the past lives mesh with who we are today. I am so getting another reading done. I want to know everywhere I've been. lol!
Great reading Kari.

betty said...

Hi Kari,

WOW!! Maybe I lived in South America, Egypt, Greece or Easter Island. I have always been fascinated with those places and wanted so bad to live there.
Will have to get my reading done sometime.
That was so awesome about you and Barb.
Can't wait to see you again at a chapter meeting.
Maybe in December but hopefully I will make it for the full year starting in January.

Rochester, NY

TTQ said...

I wish I knew! How can I find a lady to tell me?

Kari Lee Townsend said...

It was the coolest thing. Not sure how you can find someone. Maybe through the yellow pages or google in your area past life readings. I'm just glad mine was a good one.

Amanda Brice said...

Whoa! That's really cool!

Rayna Vause said...

Wow! That's really cool, Kari! I find stuff like that fascinating. Which probably explains why I like to write paranormal. LOL! Hmm...wonder if that's a byproduct from something in one of my past lives. :)


Liz L. said...

This is so awesome. Can you imagine some sweet smart young woman being told 100 years from now that she was this loving caring NY writer who loved to laugh??

Too cool!

Danielle Bronson said...

Holly Cow. THat scares me to tears!I had my fortune told once. They told me they were sorry for my loss and asked "How long has he been dead?" Then she turned red and siad "OMG, it hasn't happened yet.

My uncle dropped dead of a heartattack four hours later.


Dim said...

Hey Kari! Nice to see a new entry here. Not sure I want to know who I was. That's about as scary as knowing the future! But, if you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely rent an Albert Brooks movie called Defending Your Life. Tremendous comedy about what happens after you die. And there's a part about past lives in there that's a riot.

- D.