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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Blog / New Update!

Hi all. The holidays are coming upon us in a hurry. I hope you all have a great one.

I know I've been gone for a while, but I have been very busy writing. I finished my rewrites to Sleeping in the Middle (my humorous women's fiction). That's out to several editors as well as Project Produce (my chick lit). Still haven't heard yet, other than one editor is liking my revisions.

As far as the movie deal for Produce goes, we are still waiting to hear on that as well.

But my biggest news is, I came up with an idea for a cozy mystery series the week before last, and so I whipped off a ten page synopsis for my agent. When she was talking to one of the editors who has my other book, the editor asked what else was I working on? agent told her about the cozy, and the editor went nuts. She said to send her the synopsis via email right away. So my agent did. Then the editor emailed her back 30 minutes later to say she thought it was fabulous. The entire concept, the characters, etc., and she thought the way I planned to open the first book was fantastic. It's the first thing she's been this excited about in a long time. Then she said out of all the things my agent has pitched her, this is "the one." She would buy this in a heartbeat if she could do so just on a synopsis, but she can't. So then she asked can I whip her off 50 pages to take to her sales meeting. So in three days, I wrote 57 pages (the first three chapters) and it went out to her this past Monday. She said when she got it, she would jump on it. Then she plans to take it to her sales meeting January 2nd.

I am praying she likes the partial as much as the synopsis. I really tried to stick to the synopsis and the way I said I would open it, as well as include those fun characters she liked so much. So now I'm literally dying. My agent said I did a great job on it, but still. The suspense is killing me. How am I supposed to concentrate on Christmas with that on my mind? I could actually sell this series on a synopsis and partial alone. That is just amazing to me. I won't know anything until after her sales meeting, but then you can bet I'll be right back here, shouting it to the rooftops if it's a yes.

It just goes to show you, it really is about luck and timing. You can be a great writer, but if your plot isn't unique enough to stand out from their list, they won't pick you up. Yet if you have a fabulous idea, they are willing to take a chance on you, even if you might need a little work. But if you can actually write AND have a fabulous idea, then you are golden. Never stop writing and just wait for your book to sell. Keep up with the market, keep up with what's been done (even settings and careers), then try to think of something you haven't seen on the shelves yet. Some way to make your book stand out. It just might be something that catches an editor's eye.

Happy holidays!!!!



Manic Mom said...


SO FUNNY! I was just sitting here thinking, "I wonder how Kari is?" I was going to send you an email with the subject line:


and in the body:



SOOOOO, email me and tell me what's up!??!!?!?

SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! and happy to see you've got a new blog. would love to catch up. Jan 2 better get here soon! xo Steph

Lexi said...

Great to see you back and major congrats on your book/ writing adventure! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Don't forget about us here and keep us updated!

Enjoy your holiday...well, as much as you can with the "Isn't it January 2nd yet?" mentality!

Dim said...

Awesome news all around, Kari! Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

- D.

Travis Erwin said...

Wow. That is all great news. Here's hoping the New Year starts out with a bang for you.

Nicki Greenwood said...

Hey, new look for the blog. Nice! You're getting like me. LOL - have to change it up every so often. Good luck with the submissions, Kari. You know I think you rock as a writer. *hug*

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Hi all. I'm here, just busy as usual. Don't know how you all keep up;))

Anyway, the editor got my partial and printed it off that day. She's still just as excited about to read it and said she would do so either today or over the break, and then she would email my agent just as soon as she's done.

I still won't hear an official word until after their sales meeting, but I'd love to hear what she thinks of it. I'll keep you posted just as soon as I know anything;))

Swishy said...

That is fantastic news! Fingers crossed for you ;)

Dim said...

Hey Kari,

Merry Christmas!

- D.

kim said...

Merry Christmas Kari!

Trish Ryan said...

Oh Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear how this goes...such exciting news :)

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Sit tight, folks. A new update is coming, hopefully, soon. I promise;))

Shannon said...

Hey chickie! So, what's the scoop - what happened? That is so exciting Kari!! Congrats girl - and best of luck to you!

Demon Hunter said...

That is so wonderful, Kari! Great news! :*) Let us know what happens. I'll have to pick up the book! :*)

Anonymous said...

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