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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Whew! I'm blogging again.

Okay, I was worried when I signed in this morning and couldn't find my blog. Turns out I just had to republish it. Thank God because you all were right. Blogging is addicting, even on virtually no sleep.

Got the kiddies off to school just fine, but last night my oldest son, Brandon, had a hard time sleeping. In fact, he ended up in my bed and couldn't fall asleep until 4 am!!!!! I didn't sleep until 5, and then the alarm went off at 7. I can barely see straight on only 2 hours sleep, so no, I didn't make it to the gym like I'd intended. Yeah, yeah, I know. The pounds aren't going to magically disappear by themselves, ugh!! And I didn't get any of my own writing done once again.

So much for my new schedule. Pray that tomorrow will be a better day.


Trish Ryan said...

I wondered where your blog went - glad to see it's back up and running. Tomorrow will be a better day :)

My new strategy when I don't make it to the gym is to read about Oprah's boot camp fitness program online - It's so overwhelming (967 minutes of cardio a week - and then you increase by something like 439 minutes every other Sunday...) that I burn calories just thinking about it.

Then I log off and get some sleep :)

Karitown said...

Ha! love your of working out. I'd try that but I have to hike my big ole butt up on stage at the New Jersey Conferece to recieve an award for finalling their contest. In front of a few hundred people, no less!!!! God that's a scary thought. Oh, yeah, my butt is back to the gym tomorrow. Okay, Monday at the latest, I swear;)))

Jen-t said...

Kari - you have a nice butt! Can't wait until NJ! We are going to have so much fun!

Schedule? What the heck is that?

Swishy said...

No writing or working out for me either, today. Doh.

Trish, 967 minutes of cardio??? Holy shit, that is insane!