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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Buckettes are on the Loose Again!!!!

I'm so excited.
And I just can't hide it.
I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it!

I can't stop karaokeing. There's a karaoke party saturday night at 8, so I've been practicing, baby. And it ain't pretty, but who cares, right? After a few drinks, we'll all think we sound great.

Okay, I'm starting to relax. I tossed out the formal pitches I had, and I'm going with the elevator style/TV guide blurb type pitches. It covers the hook, goals, conflicts, etc. without going into all the details. Then that leaves room for questions. And it's a heck of lot easier to remember.

My hair is lightening a little, but I got it cut. I kept the length, but I had her throw some layers in. Boy, oh, boy did she ever. Never go too short on the layers with curly hair. Talk about boing!

Now I'm a flipping Elvira poodle!!!

But that's okay, I think I can work with it. And speaking of working with it. You have to understand this group of women I'm going with. Barbie W. and Jen T are a couple of my critique partners and from my local chapter (CNYRW). They are hysterical. We're add ing a new member, and I'm sure we'll scare her before the weekend is over. Every year we go, we get into trouble. Not "real" trouble, but we pretty much make fools of ourselves.

In fact, that's how we came up with our name: The Buckettes. We went to dinner one night and the manager brought out our food. Now the waitress said he was always hitting on the girls and very cocky, so we thought, watch out, honey, you've met your match. The convo went something like this:

Manager: "Who ordered Bambi?" he said with a straight face.
Us: "Bambi? Ew, we're not into young bucks."
Manager: "I'm not so young." Wink, Wink.
Us: "We know. And we never said we weren't into BIG bucks." wink, wink right back at ya!
Manager: Speechless, so he walks away.
Us: Laughing our butts off and scoring big points with our waitress.

He eventually came back and asked us who we were and we told him we were a bunch of romance writers attending the conference. His face got even more red, but he did bring us out free desert and say, "Thanks for playing with me, ladies."

Since then we have forever called him Bucky and we call ourselves the Buckettes. And whenever we go to a conference, we try to find a new bucky to embarrass. They're never quite the same as the original, and sometimes we have other writers with us, but it's still fun.

One year we went back to see if the original Bucky was there, but we forgot his name and called him Bucky by mistake. The waitress asked if we meant the guy on American Idol. NOT!!! So we said he was the manager. She went and got the manager, and we couldn't beleive it. The same guy. Only he didn't remember us, so we said we're the group of romance writers, and his face turned red again as he said, "Oh, good God." But we had a few laughs with him and got a couple of free apetizers out of deal.

So look out, people. We'll fill you in on the newest Bucky addition when we get back.

I leave tomorrow morning, but I'm bringing my computer and my camera. It anything really crazy happens, I just might have to post from the hotel;))

Wink, wink!!


Trish Ryan said...

That is hysterical! I wonder if Bucky is now a lurker on the RWA website to make sure he takes vacation whenever you guys have a conference???

Can't wait to hear the next installment...and tales of triumph from your elevator pitch :)

Karitown said...

Let me tell you, we kept watching him walk. Acting like guys act all the time. Then when it was my turn to walk in front of him, I realized he was probably watching me walk too. Or shake, that is. The next thing you know, I'm walking like a have a pole stuck up my butt, just so I wouldn't wiggle too much in front of him. After all, it was Bucky.€

Karitown said...

Oh, and Bucky doesn't have to worry this time. He was from the New England Conference in April. The New Jersey Conference is in October and so far we've only found a Beefcake. But we're determined to find another Bucky this time.

Beth said...

Have a great time and find some new Bucky!!

And curly daughter has curly hair and got it cut when she was in 5th was a mullet, poor thing. the kids teased her and called her Michael Jackson. :( She has long hair now and will never cut it again!!

Jen-t said...

Beefcake was sweet and I'd take him home. Wasn't a bucky, but then again I get the feeling that Bucky might not have lived up to our expectations, you know.

Of course, remmeber the guy who sat on Kari's lap, then leaned over the table, trying to tell us he wasn't a pickle.

Barbie W said...

Aaahhh!!!! I'm dying here!! Oh yeah...we're just gonna have so much fun. Bucky's Beefcakes and Badonkadonks...Be-Ware!!

Oh, and pickles?? We're going for the Zuchinis!! And if we can get one to sit on anyone's lap...You betcha we're taking pictures!!!

Manic Mom said...

Have fun! I want photos! You never know what will happen at a writers conference. Did you read about Swishy's and my adventure last April? Go ahead and check out the archives at Manic--complete with photos of alcohol-filled tables and men kissing one another. No lie!

Have a blast, and if you run into June Portnoy (she's also up for an award, tell her you know me and that I said hello!)

If I still lived in Philly, I'd be right there with you Kari! Have a blast!

Any word from our ladies???? I totally self-promoted myself to them on Manic the other day. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and get lots of photos!!!


Swishy said...

Yeah, you need to hit a conference (read: bar) with Manic and me!!

Have a great time and come back with lots of stories!!

Hotwire said...

karaoke rocks: 'mack the knife' is my song

Thebodytalk said...

karaoke is the best way to loose yourself's fun and healthy.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! Although Bucky from American Idol was a nice guy.


Love it.

spy scribbler said...

I just read on the chick lit loop about your win in the contest! Big congratulations!!!