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Monday, October 02, 2006

Stressing Out!!!!

Okay, so I'm stressing BIG TIME over going to the New Jersey Conference in 4 more days.

4 DAYS people!!

I am so not ready. My first book I've pitched enough times to know it by heart, and that's the book that finaled in the contest at this conference. But my second book I'm on the last chapter. I know how it ends, so I should be able to pitch it, but I've never pitched it before.

Ugh!! I wouldn't stress this much, but I still haven't heard from the agent who has my full. Yes, the same one as you, Manic;))) That will be so cool if they take us both on. So, anyway, I'm going to keep my agent apointment at the conference. But then I have another agent, who is accepting pitches at the conference, who emailed me (yes, she emailed me! I'm still in shock) and asked to sneak off and meet with me to discuss my books over a drink.

Okay, an 8 minute pitch is scary enough, but chatting over a drink could last forever. What will I say? Will I mess up? Will I talk too much about my books and scare her away? Because anyone who knows me, knows I talk a lot.

I mean, A LOT!!!!

And fast. The more nervous I get, the faster I talk.

And to top it all off, I died my hair to cover all the gray my kids have been giving me lately. and I look like freaking Elvira!! I can only hope it fades a little in the next four days.

Okay, gotta run. The bachelor is on and I still have to write my stupid pitch.

Have a good one all;))))


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Relax. You have written a wonderful novel. It is finished. Trust me you can talk about it. Don't stress out over this. This is a book that you wrote. Of course you can talk about it. Remember to give just enough to make the agent interested enough to ask questions. That's what you want--a give and take. You want her intrigued. You're funny and brilliant, so you'll do just fine. Have fun in Jersey!

Karitown said...

Aw, thanks Gwyn. Wish you were going. We'll miss you there.

Anonymous said...

I broke into a sweat just reading your post!

I hate being "on" but I find that if I stress out beforehand then I do fine when the time comes.

You'll be great. And you can blog all about it when you get back.

Trish Ryan said...

If an agent asked to sneak off for a drink to talk about your book, have fun with it! At the very least, it will be great girlfriend time and a chance to talk with someone in our industry about your writing...what's not to love about that??? Assume that she will love you - why wouldn't she?

And if you wash your hair a few extra times and use big glops of conditioner, the Elvira look should fade away :)

I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Drew Blackstone said...

You're not pitching your book, you're just telling a friend about it over drinks. If you liked enough to write it, you should have no trouble talking about it. You are going to do just fine. I wish I could trade places with you.

Have fun with it.

BTW - Elvira is totally hot. Go with it.

Peace out.

Manic Mom said...

Ahhhh, you get a whole EIGHT minutes to pitch!!! WRITE down your quick elevator pitch -- one minute. Then wait. She or he will ASK you the questions. You'll do great! I know you will!

And gee, don't you secretly wish that you-know-who and you-know-who-partner reads our blogs and knows how talented and hungry we are for author success! I think I might have to go blog right now about how I'm in the midst of writing my sequel so they'll be like, "Oh my gosh, she's done a sequel! We HAVE to sign her!" LOL.

You'll have a riot at the NJ Conference!

Beth said...

You'll do great. I want to read your books!

have fun, and blow them outa the water with your wit and superb writing ability!

Beth said...

Man, I missed the Bachelor!!! Love that show! Was it good? Is this Italian Prince any good? any good hoochies on it this year?

Karitown said...

Thanks guys, I'm sort of relaxing. It's not like I haven't pitched before, but never over drinks. I'd prefer the 8 minute routine. And my hair is getting slightly less black, even though it's supposed to be brown. That would be so cool if the agents read our blogs, manic. You never know, they just might;)) And yes, Beth, the bachelor was good. The women never cease to amaze me with the crazy things they will do.

Swishy said...

You will be FINE! You'll totally relax as soon as you start talking about it.

Imagine if you and Manic had the same agent!!! That would be so fun!

Anonymous said...

Youll do great!! Your writing style is Awesome!!

As for your hair wash in dishwashing liquid detergant and that will lighten it....

Good luck my fingers are crossed for ya!!


Jen-t said...

You're riding with me, rooming with me, so it should be a stress free weekend. Snort.

March to the Sea said...

GOOD LUCK!! Hope you get that DEAL!

N said...

Hope I'm not too late to say best of luck! I think it's damn impressive you wrote an entire book, so I'm sure you'll do just fine with the pitches, just relax and try have a little fun too ;)

Hotwire said...

drew's advice seems to be the best. good luck.