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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Say hello to Halloween!!

Say hello to Halloween!!!!

Say hello to Halloween!!!!!!

Say hello to Halloween!!!!!!!!

This is what I had to listen to. My kids came down the stairs singing this song this morning, getting louder and louder with each verse, until I couldn't take it anymore. Can you guess what I did? Can you? Yup, you guessed it. I did something I swore I would never do.......

I gave them the "shutty" sign and told them to take the bus to shuttytown!

Then I said say hello to my little friends and proceeded to put my earplugs in. I guess it's my pennance for the whole procrastination thing. My daughter's birthday actually went well, but then I realized I'd procrastinated in another area as well. I kept putting off buying pumpkins, until the day before Halloween. Have you ever tried to buy a pumpkin at the last minute after the crops that year were bad to begin with?

Well, good freaking luck, people.

I now have 4 of the most pathetic pumpkins on the planet. I had to resort to the produce department of the grocery store and buy really small "pie" pumpkins. I was afraid to carve them, for fear of them caving in. What's inside a "pie" pumpkin that makes it different from a regular pumpkin, anyway? So we did something different last night. We painted our pumpkins.

You should have seen their faces when they got home from school. They looked disgusted as they asked, "What...are those?"

To which I replied, "Those are magic pumpkins. The smaller they are, the more powerful. I bet you get twice as much candy this year."

Yeah, they didn't believe me either. I am so back to moron status after this one.

Bad, bad mommy!!!!!


kim said...

"...take the bus to shuttytown"

It's in the file. I'll use it soon, they've grown immune to, "go outside if you need to be that loud."

Gwyneth Bolton said...

This is too funny, Kari. I can just picture your kids looking at those little pumpkins in dismay. I think your idea to paint them was very clever and you get major points for that! (But those are some pitiful little pumpkins...) Happy Halloween!

Beth said...

can I use the shuttytown thing too? Love that.

Ya, those are some pathetic looking punkins...but you know, the smaller they are, the more expensive they are!

Jen-t said...

Um, at least you have a pumpkin...we are going today after school....I think I get the most pathetic mom award...thank you.

TTQ said...

We have plenty of pumkins here in Florida.. $4 for a biggun (now is the time you tell me to take the bus to shuttytown). I didn't carve one this year, it would melt and rot within a day with our record high temps. I'm tring to get honey to plant some in the garden but he says they take up too much pooper isn't he?!

Jen-t said...

Kari - you should have told me to go to shutty town earlier today. evil grin.

Swishy said...

My pumpkin has been sitting undecorated and uncarved outside my door for two weeks. So there you go.

Anonymous said...

Aww those pmpkins are cuuuute ;-P

I tend to root for the underdog...even if its a pumpkin.

Amanda Brice said...

Cute pumpkins!

OK, so I clearly am not a mom, because I called Kelly yesterday at home around 5 to tell her I wanted to sign with her, TOTALLY forgetting that she might be on make-up duty for Halloween!

Karitown said...

Gotta love the shuttytown phrase. And hey, after trick or treating last night, I wasn't the only one whose pumpkins were pitiful, so I don't feel so bad now.

And Amanda, Christine doesn't have kids, so yay for me, but Kelly does, so uh-oh for you. I'm sure she was cool about it though. I always have to talk to Christine at 9pm when all is quiet in my house. Sooooooo glad you chose to go with them.

Trish Ryan said...

My Dad used to buy our Christmas tree on December 24th...I feel your pain!

Look at it this way - you RESCUED those pumkins!