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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Goes Around, Comes Around!!!!!

Okay, so my husband took the kids out in the rain while I got to stay warm and dry as I handed out the candy. I'm handing out the candy, getting caught up on all the shows I DVR'ed lately (gotta love the DVR), and having a glass of wine. Generally feeling pretty good about myself.

So my sister calls and says she's feeling really old. The woman is only 41, people, but she had her children young. Her oldest is 20, then almost 17 and 15. This is the first year none of her kids wanted to trick or treat. So she didn't have any hair to spray or faces to paint to get them ready. Not that she still took them out, but she always helped them get ready, and then checked their candy over when they got home.

When our kids were little, we used to trick or treat together. The husbands took the kids around, while we had wine and handed out candy.

Well, her husband had to go into work and her kids had plans (that's what happens when they become teenagers), so someone had to be there to hand out candy. So she stayed at her house, handing out candy and having her wine alone. And I stayed at my house, handing out candy and having my wine alone. So she calls me on the phone and says she feels old. She always tells me how young she'll be when she retires and her kids will be gone, so I told her there was something to be said about having your kids when you're older. Not that I planned to have my daughter when I was 34, but still, it's kept me young. So I told her to take her cane and go hobble off to bed.

Well, then the doorbell rang again. I answer it, and low and behold, it's a group of teenage boys. They're laughing and joking with me, and I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself. I still got it!! Until they said, "Thanks ma'am!"

Since when did I become a "ma'am"??????

What happened to you're only as old as you feel? Until that moment, I felt pretty young. Guess I didn't look it, though. Jeesh. Guess I'm being payed back for being such a bad mommy lately.

Think I'll go buy myself my own cane.

Ps. My sister had a field day over that one.

PPS. Heather Sapp (Amanda Brice) signed with Book Cents!! Wahoo, I have another sister!!!!!!


Jen-t said...

Hey, I'd rather be ma'am than hear "So and So thinks your mom is hot." When I'm that mom. Something weird about being thought as Mrs. Robinson, you know?

Anonymous said...

Our doorbell isn't working so I had to camp out in the front hall with a book and a cup of tea.

Wine would have been nice though.


Anonymous said...

I hate getting the ma'am. Makes me want to ask how old they think I am!

Drew Blackstone said...

Get over it and have some fun saying "When I was your age..."

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Kari, yeah, I'm with you. being called "ma'am" pretty much sucks. But at least they were polite little whipper snappers... :-) You have to admit, though, karma came around quickly that time. I bet your sister had a good old laugh on that one!

And Jen... I have no words... none... at all...

Swishy said...

I got the ma'am for the first time when I was 23. 23!!!

Karitown said...

Yeah, ma'am pretty much sucks. I've been the hot mom, Jen, and dammit, I want to be her again. I don't want to get over it. I don't want to get old. Old sucks. I want to be a teenager again. Okay so maybe not a teen, but I sure as hell don't want to be a "ma'am"!!!!!!!!!!!

TTQ said...

ha- I was trying to convince hubby to take me trick or treating, I'm so short that with a mask..I could rake in some candy!
I totally hate being called mam..but I still get carded even for tobbaco and you only have to be 18 for that!

Manic Mom said...

A group of teens came by my house, and one had great hair, looked like a wig. I was like, "Is that your real hair." He was a guy, and he looked like a musician of some sort. I told him, "You're gonna be a hottie when you grow up."

Then another group of teens came by and they were digging around for the candy in the bowl, and I said, "Dig to the bottom--that's where the crack cocaine is."

Hubby was not too pleased that I said that.

Oh, and I dressed up. Oh yes, I did.

And waaaahhhh! I wanna be with you and Heather! I am getting back into that sad-i-have-no-agent slump again... HELP! No word from ANYONE LATELY!

Hotwire said...

i say ma'am to people regardless of age. it's what happens when you're raised below the mason-dixon line.

Beth said...

I hate to be called ma'am too! that's for old ladies. And I SO want to be the Hot Mom....was at one time....not so much now. Oh well!

Wine sounds good. I passed out candy and read HTML books! Boring!

TTQ said...


Amanda Brice said...

I hate ma'am, not that I get it often. I'm 29, but look more like 19. I know that soon I'll love that, but right now, I'd just like to be able to buy alcohol without getting carded, you know? Especially since I've been legal to drink for quite some time.

I don't have kids though. Maybe I'd get the ma'am more if I had kids.

Crankmama said...

I freakin' HATE HATE HATE being called "Ma'am"

I will pay people 1 million dollars to call me "Miss"