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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've Been Tagged!!!!

Okay, so Manic tried to tag me, but Drew got here first! Now neither one of them is my hero;)

Just kidding, this is actually fun. Hard to be interesting, but fun. So, according to Drew, I have to "go deep" and come up with 5 things you didn't know about me and then tag 5 other people.

So here goes:

1) I was born in Portugal. Yes, I confess, I was a brat. An Airforce brat, that is;) My dad's from Oklahoma and my mom's a yankee. Talk about a small world. My mom is one of 5 girls and she grew up in the same small town that my husband's parents grew up in and they all went to high school together (with the exception of my dad...he was the hunky GI who rolled into that small town and swept her away, literally, hence my birth in Portugal). So when I started dating Brian, my mom was like, "Is that Joan and Norm Townsend's son? No way." And the rest is history. I have an older sister, an older brother who died of SIDS, myself, and a younger brother. (2 boys and 2 girls). My husband is one of 2 boys and 2 girls also. Then his brother had 3 girls and a boy. And we have 3 boys and a girl. (I adore my daughter, but one of her is enough. Thank God I ended up with the boys) What IS it with the number 4????

2) I am shy. There, I admitted it. "What? Yeah, right. No one believes you, Kari!!" I know that's what you're all saying, but you have NO idea. I love being the center of attention when I'm in my comfort zone, but hate it when I'm out of my element. I love to sing (I'm good, dammit) but I'm a closet singer because I don't have the guts to do it in front of people. I sang You Light Up My Life for my high school play and people cried, telling me I was good, but my heart was pounding a mile a minute. I even got the role of Ado Annie in Oklahoma and hammed it right up once I got over my nerves. I had planned on singing solo in NJ, but I chickened out and did the group thing. When I first meet people, I sit back and am the quiet one. I take it all in and it takes me a while to loosten up. Once I loosten up, I'm very outgoing, the life of the party making everyone laugh. (I'm always about the laugh, that's why I only write funny books). My husband gets so frustrated with me because I hate confrontation. Even something as simple as calling and ordering pizza. I hate having to be the one here when the fix it guys come (cable guy, repair guy, etc.). I just feel stupid standing around trying to make small talk while they do their work. (except for the tree guys that came to cut down our dead trees in the back yard. They were outside and soooooo cute, I didn't mind that one at all)

3) I love music. Country music, especially. I listen to B104.7 and Big Frog 104.3 all the time, driving my boys crazy. Especially since my daughter is just like me. Sooooo dramatic and always going around singing and dancing everywhere. She exagerates everything, just like I do, but stories are sooooo much funnier when you do. Hey, it's not my fault. Blame my mom. I'm JUST like her. I watch CMT all the time, too. But I also love, love, love 80's rock. I grew up on the big hair rock bands back then. Bon Jovi is still my all time favorite singer. I stop what I'm doing and run to the TV when he is on. I also like some newer rock like Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry from American Idol. Gavin Degraw, Creed, Cold Play, Train. Some pop like James Blunt. And some metal like Nickelback and staind. I can't stand rap or fufu pop like Brittany Spears. And TV. Holy cow I'm a TV nut. I'm addicted to reality shows. I'm addicted to TV in general. When the kids go to bed, I'm pretty much useless. I can't think or create then, I just want to watch TV and veg with a glass of wine. That's my down time. I love movies too. I hate the scary ones. Give me a romantic comedy, or even a good comedy (not the stupid comedy) any day. I even love a good action or suspense movie. No horror though.

4) I should have been a cop. Seriously, that's what the police said years ago when I had a guy break into my apartment and I was home. Okay, so he didn't technically break in since I left the door unlocked. Okay, okay, you're saying, "Wow, she's not only shy, she's stupid." So allow me to explain, people. It was prekids and Brian and I were living in our second apartment. He was out of town and my in-laws were visiting me for the weekend so I wouldn't be alone. We had been coming and going all weekend, using their car. So when they left, this guy thought I had left with them too. The gym was right beneath my apartment, so people were in and out of my unit all the time. I didn't think much of it, except this one guy kept coming and going, and made eye contact with me a few times. So later, when my in laws were gone, it was still light out so I didn't turn any lights on. I was lying on the couch, and I usually face the window with my back to the door, but since I didn't have any lights on, I turned the other way to use the light from the window. So anyone looking in wouldn't see me and wouldn't see any lights on. Well I'm reading when all of the sudden, I saw a flash over the top of my book. I look up and saw a head dart behind my fridge in the kitchen. I thought since when did Brian grow a mustache. I just sat still, not saying anything, then I heard a click. I waited a second more, then ran to the door and yanked it open (Yes, I am stupid. What the hell would I have done if he'd been standing right there still?) Nothing. so I waited ten minutes, staring down the hall at the door. Finally, a head stuck out from behind the stairs, then when he saw me, he ran outside. Ha, ha, I knew I wasn't imagining things. I locked my door and ran to my window, watching the way he went. And sure enough, he was the guy I'd seen coming and going to the gym. I got my binoclulars out and looked in the apartment windows to see which one was his, then called the cops. Turns out he was out on parole, living with his parents in the apartement across from me. I had to pick him out of a lineup and he went back to jail. He had tried another woman's apartment too who looked a lot like me. He had been arrested for stealing but also assault. Needless to say, I now lock my doors even during the day. Most crimes happen during broad daylight.

5) Phew, since 4 was a long one, number five will be that I have a masters in English and teaching. I could teach Nursery school through 6 and 7-12 English, but I only went into English because I loved to read and write. I had no idea what to do with it, so I went into teaching. But I really don't like teaching. I love kids, but I really don't want to teach. I'd give anything to be able to stay home forever and just write. Hopefully, I'll sell a book and be able to do just that. If not, I'd rather be something like a medical transcriptionist so I could still work at home. Just type up reports on my own time and still have time to write, then be there for my kids when they get home from school. My husband travels a lot so most of the homework, sports, and general craziness falls on my shoulders. I can deal with it all as long as I get my writing time in during the day and my down time at night.

More than you all wanted to know, but blame Drew and Manic. They should have known better than to tag me. Did I say I was like my mom yet? A general bs'er and we like to talk a lot. You should see us when we're both fighting for the last word. Love you mom;))))

I tag:

Barbie W.
Patty Cakes
Gwyneth Bolton
Nancy French

Have fun, ladies.


Anonymous said...

You love Country Music?? I would like you if you hadn't tagged me.



March to the Sea said...

you are always a cop when you have kids..its the POWER!!!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I think I knew some of this about you... So you might have to come up with some other things... LOL. Thanks for tagging me. No really... thanks a lot. I'll See what I can do. But I'm preparing to leave town. So.... we'll see.

Patricia Hock said...

So you tagged me but what are the questions exactly so i can answer them. I will do it on my blog!

Patricia Hock said...

By the way, next time you and I are singing Endless Love as a duet. I sing too.

Anonymous said...

That #4 with the guy in your apartment? Holy crap...t's never happened to me before but the thought scares me to death!

No wonder you lock your doors.

kim said...

A non-confrontational cop?

I hear you on the shy thing. I'm much less so since having kids, but I still
take in a room quietly before I take it over :o).

Karitown said...

Hee, hee, hee. Now you know how I felt, Nancy and Gwen;))) But it's fun sharing. Danielle, there are no questions. Just five things to share about you. A nonconfrontational cop. Love that, Kim. And I do the love power, march to the sea. Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with.

Karitown said...

Whoops, didn't mean to leave you out, Trish. IT was scary. You never think it's going to happen to you. And my poor sister is a nurse, and at that time, she worked in the jail when they brought him in. He had seen her with me, so it wasn't pretty. But she had a lot of big deputies protecting her. Still, glad she now works in a doctor's office instead.

Drew Blackstone said...

Funny thing, people cry when I sing too. I think it might be for a different reason.

Manic Mom said...

Hey! Great stuff. My hubby was a cop right when we got married, but then he got smart (sorry if I offend any cop's wives).

Kari--you have to figure out HTML and how to put your links into your blog because the point of the tag is so we will see who YOU tagged, and click on their link to read about them!

I can help ya if you want!

Thanks for playing, even tho Drew got to you first, I know you like me better!

Trish Ryan said...

Your life is pretty colorful :) And I refuse to believe the shy can't be shy and KNOW you're good at kareoke :)

If we ever have a break in, I'll wield my singing voice as a weapon and shriek the culprit into submission.

Jess Riley said...

How fun! I'm shy too. I suppose that's part of the allure of wanting to write for a living. And then you find out about all the PR you have to do, public speaking events and what not.

Karitown said...

Ooops. Don't know how to put the links into my blog. You'll have to email me how, Manic. But I did put their names and the link to their blogs are on the side of mine. But if you're like me, that's too much work. E-mail me how, Manic.

Swishy said...

I don't buy the shy thing either :) I am obsessed with music too!

Karitown said...

It's true, it's true. I'm shy initially, but once you get to know me, look out;))

Jen-t said...

Geez, like I know five people to tag? And, I knew all that about you! Geez.

Barbie W said...

Crap! I'm with jen-t. I don't KNOW 5 people to tag (who have a blog, anyway) You took them all!!!
wah, wah wah...yes, I'd like a little cheese to go with that wine!

so I guess I have come up with 5 things....Probably tomorrow

Hotwire said...

i'll buy your teaching degree - i wish i had one...