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Monday, October 16, 2006

My Life is Crazy! What more can I say???

Okay, now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself, I'm moving on from humiliating New Jersey pitures, folks. Not sure about Barbie W, Jen-T, or Patty Cakes, but I can't take any more awful pictures of me. I'll tell you one thing, though, it's gotten my big ole butt to the gym!!!! I have to go to Florida in less than 5 weeks. No way in hell I'm putting on a bathing suit after those pictures unless I lose some serious poundage.

Okay, I am soooooo late on blogging. The past weekend, from Friday on, has been crazy. We are finally done with football, yay, but then lacrosse starts soon. The kids have been sick (no puking like Manic's kids, thank God, but stuffed up and miserable. And now my husband is traveling. A lot!!!

Great for extra writing time, bad for extra mommy duty!!!!

To top it all off, I was sooooo gung ho in getting my stuff out to everyone who requested it, that I didn't wait. And then I got the contest results back from the one I won. The editor loved it more than the agent or published author, but still, they all had a few issues with the plausability of the plot. It made sense to me and it was an easy fix, but now I'm second guessing myself. Should I email the editor who requested it and explain, then send her the new stuff to read instead? Or should I chill out and let her read basically what she read for the contest, except more. She loved the hero, heroine, romance and voice. The only issue she had was plot. Yet she still requested more. So my thinking is, she wants to see if she still likes it with more, and then the plot issues can always be revised. Who knows.

I hate the waiting game. I'm still waiting for one agent to let me know this week. She's discussing the manuscript with her partner and they are supposed to get back to me this week. The other agent called and said she got the full and will read it over the weekend and get back to me this week also. I have my list of questions, but really have no idea what to say if either one calls. The third agent just got it and I haven't heard anything from her yet. My first choices are the first two anyway. And hopefully one of them will like it enough to work with me on any plot issues they may have.

Did I say I hate waiting, yet? God, I hate waiting.

Manic, I think your low motivation is contageous.

I did do several critiques for my CP's and go through my synopsis and first three chapters of book one with my changes, but I need to go through the whole thing and make sure it's consistent. Then I still have to finish the last chapter of book two and then go through that whole thing with some serious revisions. I hate GMC and making everything believable. Ugh!!! I just like funny. I always go for great characters and funny situations. It sucks that I have to actually make the situations believable.

Okay, enough griping. I promise to be funny again tomorrow.

Now go write, people. Or paint, sing, read, draw, etc. Whatever it is you do.


Manic Mom said...

Hey, I'm waiting for the OTHER partner to read mine. Why can't we get these agents in sync? We should call them and tell them we have a two-for-one deal going on between us!

I just got a request for another partial, and I sent it out. I'm tired of waiting! I think I will go ABSOLUTELY CRAZY if Friday comes and I don't hear anything!

Sending good thoughts your way!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Waiting sucks, yes... But at least you have stuff out there circulating. You've had people like your work enough to request it. That's more than a lot of people.

I hate waiting too. And I've just now learned how to continue being productive while I wait. I used to get writer's block and obsessively worry everytime I gave my work to anyone. We're talking even when I gave a chapter to my critique group to read. I couldn't write a word until I heard something from the person looking at my work. Crazy! And a waste of time. So, keep writing and the time will go by. And before you know it you'll hear that they all think you're brilliant and they all want you. :-)

Drew Blackstone said...

Waiting sucks because no one who isn't a writer understands what it's like.

I would go sit in my mail box if I thought I could fit.

Remember, you're not alone. We're all pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed all goes well I'm sure it will you have a terrific writing style that many love!!! Let us know how it pans out ...


Karitown said...

Thanks guys. Only you fellow writers would get it. Everyone else just thinks I'm nuts. Well, I am, but that's beside the point.

Trish Ryan said...

Hang in there, Keri! The whole agent/editor waiting thing is like dating all over again - waiting for the phone to ring, obsessing over what you'll say, wondering if you should email them to clarify that one thing you said that might be misconstrued. It's torture.

But it won't last forever :) I like Drew's idea; perhaps we could corral some of the waiting energy into designing a bigger mailbox...

Swishy said...

Ohhhh I hope the agents reading love it! Waiting does suck though. BAD!