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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Are We There Yet????

(Only this time Pepper is driving, Babs is chilling, and Slims and Cakes are freaking out!)

Pepper: Oh thank God I don't have to drive anymore. My neck is stiff from trying to drive soooo straight and sooo smooth just so the car wouldn't wiggle. I can barely smile for the picture.

Babs: You? Try navigating through Jersey while Miss Snort and Miss Giggle get goofy on Dramamine. I really have to pee and I'm starving, but this could take all night. Give me the camera, Slims, and let me take YOUR picture.

Slims: My head is alllllll tingly.

Cakes: Weeeee!

Slims: And my lips are numb.

Cakes: Weeeeeee!!

Slims: Snort! My whole face is numb.

Cakes: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Pepper: Finally, dinner. I need a drink. Smile pretty, you-know-who has the camera again.

Cakes: I'm soooo tired. I can't even keep my eyes open.

Pepper: God knows what Slim is going to post when she can think clearly again. Hey, the waitress forgot to take my order. (I flag down a bus person and ask her to give my order to our waitress.)

Cakes: That WAS our waitress. God, I'm tired. did I say I'm tired? I'm soooooo tired.

Pepper: Slims, give me that camera. You're dangerous with that thing.

Slims: My head doesn't tingle anymore, and I can feel my lips again.

Babs: Yay! You had me worried there for a while.

Slims: Can I lay my head on your shoulder?

Babs: You go right ahead, honey. I'm with you Pepper. Man I need a drink.

Slims: I just want to go to sleep with cakes.

Babs: Uh, oh!

Pepper: Traitor! I heard what you said in the restaurant. You're not sleeping with cakes, you're sleeping with me. Weeeeeee!!!!!

Slims: Ahhhhhh!!! Someone get her off me.

Pepper: Never!

Slims: Snort!

No explanation needed. These pictures say it perfectly. Ainty they pretty;))


N said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! Those drinks look DE-lish! I could do with one of those right now, was up all night writing a 3000 word essay, but damnit all, I gotta work tonight, on a Friday!!

And not only did you have a great time, but you won!
That's so awesome, I bet you're very proud, and rightly so :) Enjoy the weekend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow, looks like a fun time..

and those drinks look divine:)

thanks for stopping by, please come by anytime;)

Jen-t said...

Kari you ingnorant slut!!!!!!! Oh my god! Oh My God! OH MY GOD! We are sooooo bad, but sooooo good.

Beth said...

What is that drink on the left? that looks yummy and fruity and right up my alley!!

Karitown said...

I thought you'd like that one, Jen;))) We had such a blast.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Boy do I need a martini.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Those drinks look very yummy! I could use one right now...

Drew Blackstone said...

It's like a MENSA meeting when you guys get together.

Isn't it great to have silly fun. I want to come along next time.

Eileen said...

This looks like so much fun.

Manic Mom said...

I love my picture of an apple martini I took at the spring fling conference with Swish. I look at it and get happy!

I would SOOOO love a nickname like Slims!

Karitown said...

Yeah, I would love a nickname like Slims too, but no, I get Pepper because of my hair color gone horribly wrong Elvira look;)))

And I wish you all could have been there. It was a much needed time away.

kim said...


I sobered up before the martini craze (I know -- motherhood, completely sober, what was I thinking?) -- anyway, they look pretty.

And so does that sweater -- it has what my girls and I like to call, rock star sleaves.

Rock on ladies!

Barbie W said...

I sooo don't like your camera, Pepper. I look just fine til ya click on the picture. what is up with my eyes?? I look freakin wasted again!! And I wasn't people, really. I must have been posessed that weekend or something. funny story by the way. Keep 'em coming. I've got more too!!!

Karitown said...

Did you see me when you click on the picture and make it bigger???? I look possessed, for God's sake. AGain, crappy, crappy pictures but too damn funny not to share. I still laugh every time.

Trish said...

A pretty martini tastes soooo much better doesn't it.

Those old James Bond martini's? No thanks I want mine with flair :-)

Swishy said...

Fun times! You guys could do some damage with Manic and me ;)

Karitown said...

You aren't kidding, Swishy. Maybe someday we'll be at the same conference.

Manic Mom said...

You're not bloggin?

Anonymous said...

So, I just got finished with an 800 road trip, and it looks like y'all had a tad more fun.


I did have two kids with me...

Jodes said...

fun times.