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Sunday, December 10, 2006

2006 CNYRW Rose Ceremony!

Barbie W. and I hosted our Central New York Romance Writers Rose Ceremony again this year. It's sooooo much fun. Poor Barb was so sick with a nasty cold, but she pulled it together and was awesome.

Ain't we cute!!!!!

For those of you who don't know what a rose ceremony is, listen up and I'll fill you in. Every year our chapter has their members fill out a sheet saying how many agents they submitted to, how many editors they submitted to, how many rejections they got, how many contests they won, if they signed with an agent or editor, if they sold a book, if they spoke or gave a workshop, if they volunteer at nationals or in their chapter, etc. Basically, it's our way or recognizing all the things our members have accomplished (or overcome, as in the case with the rejections). And each category has a color. Red, pink, blue, black, peach, yellow, etc. We don't give out real roses for each color, we come up with a theme and give out whatever we come up with that stands for that color.

This year's theme was survivor. Barb and I wore hats and T-shirts with our Survivor Romance Island Logo: Outwrite, Outsign, Outsell. Barb created the logo and I made the bandannas, so each member of the Rose Tribe received a bandanna and a candle (to represent their torch). Then we handed out certificates for the person who recieved the most roses for each category.

Next we made up name cards for each person and gave their name's Romancian Translation. For example, one of our members (shannon) writes scottish historicals. So for her card we said:

Shannon - Romancian Translation: Keeper of the man skirt on Romance Island.

Then the only man in our chapter (Bill) followed Shannon, so we said:

Bill - Romancian Translation: Last man standing. See Shannon for wardrobe change.

Ond of our published authors Christine Wenger writes for Special Edition and when she sold a second book to them, she tattooed the ISBN # on her behind, so her card said:

Christine W - Romancian Translation: Tattoo this, baby!!

Basically, we had a ball with everyone's names, based on what they write, something funny that happened to them this year, etc. And we strung lays of colorful flowers for each rose they earned, and, well ... layed them;)

Snort! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Barb used a toilet paper roll and decorated it with roses for her conch shell and kept blowing it, sounding more like a sick goose honking, as she tallied the rose sheets. And I banged on my bongos as I stood by our teekee torches, waiting for each person to come up and be granted immunity, then told them the tribe has spoken and they must take their seat immediately.

God, we had soooo much freaking fun doing this.

And finally, we had two coveted rose cup awards. One really cute decorated tin cup for the person who recieved the most roses over all (forgot to take a picture of that) and then the other "rose cup" for the person who recieved the least amount of roses. See below.

Yes, folks, it's really a cup. Only not the kind you really want hanging around your neck. The funniest part is as I was decorating this sucker at home, my boys freaked out thinking I was decorating their lacrosse cups with pink harts. Man, that was priceless!

I nearly peed my pants at the look on the poor member who won that sucker, but then she rolled with it and wore it around her neck for the rest of the party. Good thing we have such a funny, wacky group of writers. Everyone got a big kick out of the whole thing. All I can say is our chapter is awesome. We have a x-mas party with food, singing, and the rose ceremony every December. It was just too much fun not to share.

Can't imagine how we're going to top this next year, but you can bet we'll give it a try;)))

Anyone else have special or unique things they are a part of???


Anonymous said...

Kari and Barb - the Rose ceramony was spectacular! You really out did yourselves this year! I especially loved the decorated cup!

Karitown said...

The only downfall was not having your rose sheet. Sorry about the confusion over that. Next year we'll be sure to ask why you haven't turned it in yet. Then again, next year we won't wait until the last minute;)))

It was great seeing you again as always.

Swishy said...

Too cute!! You guys are so creative!

TTQ said...

I belong to a goup, but if I tell you , well then I have to kill you. And I don't want to do that.

Kidding- to the internet police!

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome, Kari! And so much fun. Our chapter's holiday party is Tues, but it's not nearly as funky as that! But I'm taking notes!

Manic Mom said...

OK. I am so jealous that you have this group of girls for support and fun!!! What a riot! I love all of those fun awards, plays on words, the decorated cup, etc, etc.

You rock! And quit telling me you need to lose ANYTHING! I see all that space between your legs!!!

Anonymous said...

God, you are so cute!!

This sounds like so much fun..I want to be a romance writer so I can join! Very creative.

Karitown said...

It is fun and I am lucky. And Manic....all that space is because I'm bull legged, that's all!!!!!

MizM said...

Wonderful job, Kari & Barb. TV Stevie and X-Chromo were SO jealous when they saw my buff. Although X-Chromo did ask if my "torch" was a dildo.

MizM said...

Oh, and yes, my Rose Cup (for the most roses) is adorable. My feelings are hurt that you didn't take a picture to post on your blog. ::sniff::
Ever howl like a werewolf in the pale moonlight?
a/k/a The Divine Miz M

The Dummy said...

Neat idea on the survivor theme. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Karitown said...

Sorry, MizM, Barb had your rose cup at her house when I took the pictures. And we didn't take any of the ceremony, so I would love some of those. Just wait until next year....

Karitown said...

And a dildo for a THAT would have been funny. Hmmmmm, maybe we need to make Miz M a princess next year;)))))

Barbie W said...

I'm cracking up over here!!! (between coughing up a lung!)I came home and crashed after our rose ceremony. all that laughing took alot out of me.

What a riot! both cup recipients were such good sports!

We belong to such a great group. I think we'd scare everyone else!

MizM said...

If I can talk X-Chromo into taking a photo of my cup, I'll send it along so you can post it. My digital photos tend to suck rancid moose ka-ka.

As far as being a princess? Darlings, I was the Queen at one time. Miz M and the Rosettes. There are pictures!

Karitown said...

OMG, I have to see those pictures. Miz M and the Rosettes. I can so picture that one.

Trish Ryan said...

Wow - you guys go all out! That's so spectacular that your chapter supports each other that way.

Jess Riley said...

That cup slays me! Looks like you guys have a blast. :)

Manic Mom said...

Better bull-legged than bull-headed! And I saw that you wrote my name in a comment over at Stephanie Klein's... I feel so popular! LOL

Karitown said...

Oh but you are, Manic, you are! Don't you know by now that we all love you!!!! You're the reason I started blogging. Now if only you'd hook up with you-know-who, we'll be all set;)))

Anonymous said...

The rose ceremony rocked! I can't wait to see what you two come up with next year. And ya looked so cute too! :-)

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that I am not a part of any special group of girls, mainly because I'm a dude. But I grew up with three sisters and no dad around and I currently work with a bunch of women. Does that count?

Frannie Farmer said...

That sounds terrific. Great rewards for people who work sooo hard at their craft!