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Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Fellow Fly Girl & The Rose Ceremony!!!

Okay, I'm still filling out my abc tag (and making up my own F since that category seems to be missing from everyone's list).

Also, my friend Barbie W. (And fellow Book Cents Fly Girl ...just signed with Kelly Ferrara this week!!!!) and I are putting on The Rose Ceremony at our local RWA writing chapter (CNYRW) today. It's going to be awesome.

Trust me, I'll have pictures!!!!

And after the bad karaoke pictures from New Jersey (where my agent Christine Witthohn dubbed us the Fly Girls), you know I'm not afraid to post, well, basically anything.

I'll explain what the rose ceremony is when I post the pictures tomorrow, I promise. Believe me, you'll want to check back!

Snort! Giggle! BAhhhaaaaahaaaaa!! I'm dying and we haven't even done it yet.

Never put the bunnies in charge of ANY ceremony and expect it to be completely serious. Gotta have a little fun!!!!


Drew Blackstone said...

I got invited to a crab grass ceremony once. Is that anything like a rose ceremony?

Karitown said...

Not even close. Wait until I post the pictures. Hee hee. It was a blast and sooooo funny.

Frannie Farmer said...

I can't help but think of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood ceremonies ... I recently read the Ya-Ya's in bloom, perhaps that's why. But I can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought writers were 100-percent serious bookish types who never laughed at anything.

Or is that accountants? I always get those two mixed up ...

Anonymous said...

anything that has to do with rose's I approve of....

Just saying

Nancy Henderson said...

AWESOME Rose Ceremony, Kari!!! Thank you for making this the best Xmas party I've been to this year!

And thank you for talking to me about agents & pitching. It was so helpful & inspiring.

Manic Mom said...

Oh wow! And congrats to Barbie W!!!!!!!