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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Doesn't Care!!!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking by that title that maybe the tooth fairy forgot to show up??? Well, that has happened, but that's not what the title means.

Here's the convo:

SON: Mommy, my tooth fell out!
ME: Awesome, now go put it in your tooth fairy pillow. (Yes, they have an actual tooth fairy pillow that hangs on their closet doorknob)

He runs upstairs, then comes down ten minutes later with a really upset look on his face.

ME: What's the matter?
SON: The tooth fairy won't show up, I just know it.
ME: Honey, I promise she won't forget this time. You just have to put your tooth in the pillow. She only comes if it's in the pillow (or she remembers!!!)
SON: Nope, she's not going to come.
ME: Why?
SON: Because I have a broken tooth.

He holds out his hand and the tooth is broken, all right. In half!! Split right down the middle.

ME: Trust me, honey, the tooth fairy doesn't care.
SON: (Grunt) Would you want a broken tooth?
ME: You've got a point, so what are you going to do.

His face brightens!

SON: I've got an idea. (He runs off to the office)
ME: Hey, wait, what are you going to do?
SON: You'll see.

He took, like, f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!!!!! I was dying of curiosity at this point. I mean, how do you fix a broken tooth? He finally comes back into the room, beaming!

SON: I did it, see. Good as new.
ME: I don't see anything. How did you get it back together? Glue?
SON: Nope. Clear scotch tape. (Then he ran back upstairs and put the tooth in the pillow. And, yes, the tooth fairy remembered to show up;))

You had to see this tooth to appreciate it. You couldn't even see the tape because he smoothed it over the entire tooth and into all the little nooks and crannies. Grin! He MUST take after me ;-)


Nomad said...

What a very sweet story...gosh it makes you wonder where they get all this stuff no?

Gee the tooth thing seems to be a bit of a theme...

Anonymous said...

What a resourceful little guy...

I was the worst toothfairy because I'd always fall asleep too soon and forget. But goodthing I am a morning person so I could quickly swap the teeth for coins before they woke up. If I remembered that is. My kids will be in therapy over this I just know it...

March to the Sea said...

hahaha..thats awesome. Write that one down!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Oh, I plan to use all the funny things I've been dying to use in my next book. This one finally has kids!!!

Frannie Farmer said...

What a cool guy ... he will most certainly be handy around the house as he gets older.
Bad tooth fairy here too ... I can not seem to get it right!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I. Love. It! Girl, you have so much good stuff to "use" with your kids. I'm surprise you haven't thrown a kid into one of your novels sooner...

Beth said...

Thank goodness we have all of our teeth in my house....that tooth fairy was always forgetting!!

Amanda Brice said...

That's so cute!!!!

Drew Blackstone said...

He was tough and ruthless. Now he's rough and toothless.

Jennifer Talty said...

Kari - there is only one child that takes after you - and SHE'S well, you know. Love you both.

The toothfairy is always late in this house. It was so bad once that my son didn't even say anything. He just tucked a note under his pillow and waited. I guess it was like about a week when I went to check on him as I came up to bed and saw the paper sticking out from under his pillow. This is what the note said (minuse major spelling errors).

Dear Twinkles,

I know you are very busy with everything you have to do, so I will just wait patiently until you remember. I know you will, you always do. The tooth is the usual place. Thanks.

(insert kid name)

PS. Mommy - I love you.

The kid got a five.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

LOL, that's funny Drew.

And Jen, what can I say? Only you;-)

Dorky Dad said...

So tape works to hold teeth together? I've got to try that ...

Annoyed said...

Very funny.

I like how the tooth pillow hangs on the doorknob now.

Back in my day my mother had to get out from under my head.

Jess Riley said...

That's know, I had a tooth pillow, too; it had a cute lil' lace pocket for my tooth.

I can't wait to play Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa some day!

Manic Mom said...

I remember once when my tooth fell out I wanted MORE MONEY so I figured if I brushed the tooth all nice with toothpaste and had it gleeming, the fairy would give me MORE MONEY!

And you know what? I got MORE MONEY for that tooth!

Instead of fifty cents, I got sixty cents!

Whooo Hoooo!

The Dummy said...

So cute. I bet it's gonna be pretty cool to see that trait show up time and time again.

Btw, you did awesome! 11 pounds already! You must be on some super duper routine. What's your secret? And just for the roll call, what number should I put in for last week?