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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Okay, so I am now leaving for Florida in a few hours and I am still in my freaking PJ's.

We weren't supposed to leave until tomorrow, and I still have so much to do. But because of the snowstorm heading our way, we are now leaving TODAY!!

I planned to post today and to check out all your blogs. But I will have to do that Next week when I'm at my parents house. Disney first, then my parents, so I will check in and say hi then.

Have a great week, folks. Yikes, I gotto go.

Karitown out;-))) So queer, I know, but I love saying that.


Beth said...

show off! We are getting 8 in. of snow today and you're off to Florida!! NOT FAIR!!!!

have a great time!

Manic Mom said...

Have a great trip!!! It's a great time to be getting out!

Stuck at home for a snow day today.

cubmommy said...

Have an awesome time! I am jealous we are getting hit with snow right now.

Amanda Brice said...

Have fun!

Swishy said...

FUN! Have a great time. It's snowing here!

Lexi said...

Have a great and safe trip!

The Dummy said...

Have a great time out!

Manic Mom said...

You know, it really sucks when you go on vacation and I'm looking for some laughs.