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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Body Fat Isn't Such a Bad Thing!

Okay, so being skinny is overrated!!!

Yes, I started back at the gym this week, and oh my freaking God!!!! I can hardly move. Even my fingers hurt to type this. That's why I didn't post yesterday (okay, so I was too lazy, but don't tell;))

So I joined the gym just before summer last year to get in shape. Yeah right, more like I needed something to keep my daughter busy since she refused to potty train and the 3 year old preschool wouldn't take her. So I pull her out and two weeks later she decided she was ready. So I started going to the gym. By the way, it takes more than working out. I discovered you can't stuff your face and drink that much wine just because you're working out.

Anyway, I saw a few of my friends there who became my workout buddies and I didn't have to hear "Mommy" for an hour and a half. Worked for me. Except I didn't go at all over the summer because my younger boys did not want to go to the "babysitting" room, and my older son would propably kill me (or them) if he had to watch them five mornings a week.

So now I'm back and it's kicking my booty big time!

Have you seen the machines at the gym lately????? Holy crap, you have to be a rocket scientist to figure them out. I got on one the wrong way and made a total fool of myself trying to get the stupid thing to work. Talk about odd stares. Picture this: my hands were where my feet should go and my feet were up in the air where my hands should be. Not a pretty picture. But no way am I asking the hottie trainers to help me. They won't help without first measuring you and checking your body fat. NOT gonna happen!!! I can look in a mirror and see I have plenty of body fat, thank you very much.

But there is one guy I would consider letting help me just to interview him. He's the spitting image of the hero in my second book. Same hair, same body, same earring, even the same tattoo around his bicep. He must think I'm a little slow because everytime he walks by, he catches me gaping at him with my mouth open. I've never met one of my heros in real life. Any of you ever seen one of yours? Between that and checking out the crazy people on the bikes in the dark listening to funky music while taking a spin class, (a spin class!! Insane.) I walked into the locker room in a total daze.

The men's locker room!!!!

Got a few dim-witted mouths wide open gaping stares sent my way, that's for sure. After I got done gasping, choking, yelping, nearly hyperventilating, I booked it out of there and went home.

Let's just say seeing a naked old man with way too much hair and saggy pasty white skin in nothing but a jock strap is not something I ever want to see again. No hottie trainers in that room. Yeah, I'll take my body fat any day.


Manic Mom said...

Ewww on the fat hairy old men.

Yum on the hero guy. I would totally tell him!!! I want to see a picture of him. Maybe he can pose for your cover, Fabio-style.

I knew a girl in one of my mom-tot classes who I was sure I'd written my main character after her. She was so cute, and I wanted to be friends with her! She was the walking, living, breathing Ellen McMillan from 40 Weeks, yet to be pubbed!

Trish Ryan said...

If anyone gives you grief about wandering into the men's locker room, just explain that you're an AUTHOR, and that you're doing RESEARCH.

And gaping burns calories - don't let anyone tell you different.

Beth said...'ll have nightmares forever after seeing that! Gross!

Man, I wish I could get my fat butt out to the they have beds there for a little nap, you know, just in case you get tired from all that excersing?

Karitown said...

All my critique partners keep saying the same thing. We want to see him. I don't think I have the nerve to even talk to him.

Gaping burns calories. Hmmm, I should be a twig by now then;))

And yes they have beds, Beth. They're called treadmills. Just lie down and take a nap. Not exactly comfy, but at least I'd be using the stupid thing the right way.

Barbie W said...

ya'll are too funny. Of couse, I haven't seen the inside of a gym since 1989!!(yes, gape those calories away people.) Treadmill??? Haven't been on that since we moved into the new house. and don't even go there about body fat.

Can't something be done with our husbands shop-vacs? Can't we just suck out our own fat without surgery?? I mean, I don't mind the exercise, if everyone would leave me alone while I try to do it. Of course, I'd rather have the alone time when writing.

Which poses the question...what's more important, our writing careers or exercise??

Karitown said...

Suck out our own fat with our husband's shop vacs!!!! Now, there's a thought. Laughed my ass off over that one, Barb!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I was on a treadmill getting a good sweat on when my foot caught on the side making me fall on my butt and ride the moving tread right over the back and on to the floor. I stood up and dusted myself off and made like nothing happened. But I was blushing and avoiding eye contact for the rest of my workout.

Jen-t said...

Kari - Bring me to your gym and I'll talk to Mr. Hero.

Swishy said...



Gaping burns calories ... classic! I'm with you--if that were true, I'd be a stick.

Karitown said...

Oh, yes I did, Swishy! And it wasn't pretty. Now I'm off to the gym this morning to make a fool of myself once.

Karitown said...

Too funny about falling off the treadmill, Trish. Not funny in a bad way, but funny in Yes, I'm not alone!!! And you can't have him, Jen, he's my hero.

Karitown said...

Too funny about falling off the treadmill, Trish. Not funny in a bad way, but funny in Yes, I'm not alone!!! And you can't have him, Jen, he's my hero.

Hotwire said...

heck i'm a guy so i have to look at those dudes in the locker room

i may start changing in the car...

Manic Mom said...