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Monday, September 18, 2006

Take The Bus to Shuttytown

Okay, so my husband loves to quote movies or TV shows. He is constantly saying lines from Seinfeld and The Nutty Professor to everyone. And he usually comes up with something just for me. For a while it was the "Eye I am watching you" sign from Meet the Parents.

Well, we've moved on from that. He's found something "new" just for me. (And I wanna smack him, when I stop laughing, that is.)

Last week we were watching a rerun of King of Queens. The wife kept going on and on about something (kinda like me) so the husband holds up his hand in a loser sign and slowly brings his pointer finger and thumb together as he says, "Take the bus to Shuttytown." Of course my hubby is laughing his butt off.

So Saturday we drove separate to my youngest son's football game because the game didn't start until ten but he had to be there an hour early to warm up. So I manage to get myself and the rest of the kids there (barely!! Hey, what can I say. I never drive through the city.) Anyway, it's time to go home and I can't remember the way home and my husband always goes a different way (I think he does that just to mess me up on purpose). So I follow him and I tell him to make sure he does't lose me.

Talk about crazy city drivers! (I'm talking about my husband here!)

He runs all the yellow lights, making them red by the time I go through them. My mouth is going a mile a minute (You guessed it, I always have to have the last word, and he knows it!) So he keeps sticking his hand out the window and motioning for me to hurry up. Then he decides at the next light, he's going to stop. So I have to slam on the breaks and he sticks his hnd out the window and motions for me to slow down.

Well, my mouth is really flying now! We're making eye contact in his rear view mirrow and he has the nerve to laugh at me. I can see it plain as day. So my jaw drops open and I really start to let him have it (mind you , he can't hear a word I'm saying, but I know damn well he can read my lips). So the devil just looks straight ahead, sticks his hand out the window and gives me the "shutty" sign as he now likes to call it, and laughs even harder as the light turns green and he takes off not looking at me for the rest of the ride home. Just keeps motioning for me to "shutty".

I was fuming, but by the time I got home I was laughing just as hard. And that, my friends, is how why we've been married for almost 18 years. Every time I want to kill him, he makes me laugh. Just had to share.


Barbie W said...

Still laughing about that on this end!! He cracks me up. I didn't get a chance to explain that one to my hubby. (cuz I don't want HIM to have yet another signal for ME) Yeah, you know how he is.

I can sooo see him putting his hand out the window. I'm surprised you didn't "gun" it just to scare him! Oh wait...we don't do that in bunnyland do we???

Trish Ryan said...

That's hysterical! My husband has a patented look that comes over his face every time I spill something...kind of a cross between "Are you for real?" and "Yep, folks, she's with me!"

There will be NO mentioning of the Shuttytown signal to him!!

Jen-t said...

Well now Kari, your dear husband does have a point, you know, I mean seriously, we can't get a word in edgewise when you start talking....yeah baby, shuttytown, you know the place. Okay, I'm putting my sharpie down now. You know I love you.

Karitown said...

I've got a new hand signal for him....shovie!!! But my kids can't be aroun when I flash that one;))

Boo7 said...

LOL thanks for the mid-day two sound like a hoot...your husband sounds like a real saucey-pants (<----lol, like that one??)....but it's always a really special relationship when you can be madder than a wet hen one moment but come out of it laughing your ass off!!! Life's too short as it is to not have laughs like those......but I gotta admit I'da had a hard time not runnin'him over too!!!!

1 plus twins said...

thanks for stopping by. love your post. your hubby sounds hilarous. by any chance are you guys from ohio cuz i went to school with a girl whose last name was townsend and her brothers name was brian. small world if that is him. lol

Amanda Brice said...


You guys sounds like me and my hubby. :)

Karitown said...

We're from Northern New York, not Ohio. Must be other Townsends, Twin.

Oh, trust me, boo. I almost did run him over, except then who would make me laugh. To know him is to love him, the rat;))

He is a riot, Amanda. Sounds like yours is too.

Manic Mom said...

I think we are married to the same type of man.

mama kay said...

Ohhh .. we love that show. We are watching it RIGHT NOW!
I love the quips that Doug comes up with. They could so easily be my husband and I!

Karitown said...

We do seem to have a lot in common, Manic;))

Gotta love Doug and Carrie, MamaK.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Manic I think we've married the same man.. although mine has a sexy asutralian accent.. Wonder if there were twins shipped off to diffrent countries?

This sounds so much like my hubs and I....


Christine Keach said...

Now see, that's the type of story I like to hear about a married couple!

Swishy said...

That's hilarious!!

Hotwire said...

i wish i lived in shuttytown, but alas, i have kids.