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Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Hour......or Not!

Okay, so I drank more this weekend than I have in a long time.

1)Went to my sister's Friday and had happy hour.
2)Went to a football pep rally Friday night and had happy, happy hour.
3)Went to a romance writers chapter meeting on Saturday and made it a happy hour afterwards.
4)Went to Irish Fest downtown on Saturday night and had way too many happy hours!
5)Went to one of my CP's on Sunday and had a few hysterical hours.

Reality check.

This morning is not such a happy hour!!!!!


Jen-t said...

So, you had a party without me, eh??? Well, that's just not fair. I guess the party gods are getting you back for that one! :)

Barbie W said... all had a party without ME Saturday - so there! it wasn't the same without you though. There were no dead bodies, or sharpies. Just giggling bunnies!!!!

Trish Ryan said...

Take solace in the long tradition of brilliant writers who spent much of their free time drinking. You furthered your career this weekend!! (Perspective is everything ;) )

Karitown said...

Happy hour? More like recovery hour. I actually dragged my big ole butt to the gym, and now I'm dying in more ways than one.