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Friday, September 08, 2006

Yahoooooo! I Finally Slept!!!!!

I slept. I slept. I really, really slept!

Now, I'll probably write total shit!!

Which brings to mind:

1) How do you all write? By the seat of your pants, or do you plot, semi-plot, outline?

2) What is your writing schedule like? Do you write in the AM or the PM or lunchbreak at work, etc. And do you have critique partners? If so, when do you critique? On weekends or as part of your writing schedule? Or do you have a schedule at all?

3) What types of books have you all written and how many?

Just some things I got thinking about now that the kids are back to school and I'm trying to plan my own schedule out. As far as me, I've written one book which has been about 5 books. It's a romantic comedy and the full is with an agent right now. Still waiting to hear so cross your fingers on that one. And my second book, my pos (pile of shit) as Nora Roberts calls it, is almost done. Only 2 or 3 chapters left. It's a chick lit (aka humorous women's fiction). I have a third book I've begun to think about and it's also a humorous women's fiction (more like a Mom Lit).

Okay, crabby 3 3/2 year old daughter will not let me write any more. Gotta run.

Happy writing all;)))


Karitown said...

3 3/2 year old??? What the hell is that. I meant 3 1/2 year old. Guess my brain isn't quite awake yet;)))

Broady said...

I am working on an outline... it's slow going. I'm having difficulty determining how the story will end.

Jen-t said...

Well, rub it in that you slept when I did not! Geez, thanks. What kind of friend are you.

Well, I've written a few books (giggle). Not sure how many, but a few. I write whenever I can. Day/night, doesn't matter. And I wrote mostly Romantic Suspense - Heavy on the Romance!

Yes, new picture. Other one is still on my website. But whe nice guys tell you that you look great in that picture, well, you keep it.

Barbie W said...

Hurray!!! Kari slept!!! I did too and I almost OVER-slept. Dog decided to puke at 3 a.m. and after I cleaned it up I was back in la-la land until after 6. then the landscaper came to give me a quote and then I'm here at work.

And yes, I've posted on my blog. so there!! Once I get my computer straightened out, I'll post daily, I promise!! (hence the topic of today's discussion.)

Christine Keach said...

I've been a seat of the pants writer up through this current WIP. I hated having an outline because I felt all the fun was taken out of it.

Now though, as I've been finishing up the WIP, I've come up with skeleton outlines for my next 2 (1 romantic suspense and 1 contemporary). I'm actually pretty excited to plot them out and get to work on them!

I'm definitely a night owl. I work during the day (as a teacher) and then I come home and write at night. Sometimes I get so excited and caught up in the story I'm still writing at midnight, which is hard on me getting up at 6.

Christine Keach said...

Oh! And great news on sleeping!

Beth said...

I have not written any books, but I can sleep my ass off! sleeping is my one and only hobby. It is better than anything, and I love it!

Swishy said...

Never, ever outline. Not extensively, anyway. I like to have some structure in my head, but I don't care for chapter-by-chapter outlines.

And I am WAY a night owl, as evidenced by the fact that it's currently 2 a.m. Also an insomniac :)

Trish Ryan said...

Sleep! Yay!!! Welcome back to the land of the moderately functional :)

How do I write...currently, I sneak up on it. If I sit down with manuscript in hand, I'm sure to be overcome by the urgent need to clean the bristles on my toothbrush. But if I just jot this one thought down on a post-it...and then collect all the post its...perhaps I'll have a book someday. Or at least that's today's strategy :)

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