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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Most Pathetic Post in the History of Blogging!

Thursday Thursday bobursday
bannana fanna fofursday
me my momursday

That's all I got, folks.
Pathetic . . . I know.

karitown out!


Manic Mom said...

Better than what I have to offer--digging through the garbage looking for third grade crap! Argh!

Beth said...

awww, come on, you can do beter than that!

Better than me, tho!

Jen-t said...

did you enjoy the apple tini's?

Swishy said...

HA. We used to love to sing the "Chuck, chuck, bo buck" version of that in, like, fifth grade. Verrrrry scandalous!

1 plus twins said...

ha ha that was pretty good! lol